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Sustainability Initiatives

Environmental Leadership

Novex has earned a reputation for living and doing business with a focus on sustainability. Novex is the first local courier company in Canada to proactively take steps to reduce its impact on the environment and develop sustainable business practices. At Novex, we use a variety of emission reducing vehicles including hybrids, natural gas and Biodiesel-powered vehicles saving approximately 88 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions every year. In conjunction with greening our fleet, we greened our office with waste reduction and paper conservation programs, energy reduction initiatives and environmental awareness campaigns. We have developed a purchasing policy that ensures the inclusion of products that are sourced in a sustainable manner.  As a result we use 100% post consumer waste paper, energy efficient office equipment and other environmentally friendly products. All of these programs and initiatives are aligned with our B Corporation Certification which reinforces our social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. We are proud to be the first courier company in Canada to obtain such credentials.


Novex is proud to achieve the distinction of becoming the first Carbon Neutral courier service in North America.  Through Offsetters innovative climate solutions, we were able to achieve our carbon neutral status by purchasing premium quality offsets derived from BC based projects. These are just a few ways how we are changing the way we deliver.

Novex Fleet of Electric Trucks

Novex launching Canada's first electric trucks

Social and Community Leadership

We at Novex celebrate our social and environmental achievements with our financial success as part of our triple bottom line commitment.  We promote fair and positive relations with both internal and external stakeholders. We proudly support diversity programs that encourage applications and career advancement from all marginalized demographics. Novex also provides competitive comprehensive benefit packages that include financial bonuses which are dependant on personal and organizational performance. Apart from financial benefits, Novex provides a training benefit that subsidizes up to 100% of the cost of an employees activity. The benefit can be used to enhance career skills or to promote personal wellness in the form of physical, mental or spiritual activities. Approximately 90% of all employees take advantage of this program which activities range from computer courses to yoga.


We support a variety of social causes and community events which include the Big Brother of Vancouver, Juvenile Diabetes, the United Way, Breast Cancer Research, the Boys and Girls Club of Vancouver and the Canadian Cancer Society. We volunteer our time and service to these group for various fundraising event they conduct throughout the year.


As part of our community programs, Novex has proven itself to be fully committed to sustainability education and conservation through its many initiatives and speaking engagements. Robert Safrata, CEO, is a frequent speaker on topics of sustainability and environmental leadership in the business community. Through leadership and commitment to environmental sustainability, Novex is proving that small-medium sized businesses can make a difference and influence change in how business is conducted.


Ethical Business Practices

Novex is proud to be a B Corporation Certified company since 2013. Previously, Novex had used “See-It” (Social-Environmental-Economic Toolkit) and ISO 14001 as the platform to maintain accountability for triple bottom line reporting. The move to B Corporation enabled us to adopt a holistic approach to Novex’s restorative vision. To become a certified “BCorp”, Novex underwent a certification process that measured four key categories: Environment, Workers, Community, and Governance. Working collaboratively with fellow BCorp companies, we are leading a growing global movement of “people using business as a force for good”. The vision that B Corporation seeks to achieve is that through these four pillars, companies can soon be competing to not just be the best in the world, but the best FOR the world.


Our transformation into a sustainable leader has been the key reason why we have had the honour of being named winner of the 2014 Environment and Business Award from the Surrey Board of Trade, 2013 SCL Green Supply Chain Award, 2010 Business Excellence Award from the Richmond Chamber of Commerce, and 2009 Caring of the Ecosystem from the Fraser Basin Council to name a few.