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Carbon Neutral

 Novex is a climate friendly company. We've worked with Offsetters, Canada’s leading carbon management solutions provider, since  2008 to understand our greenhouse gas emissions and to find a way to make a difference. During this time we've offset key business  activities by contributing to projects that remove the equivalent amount of emissions from the atmosphere. We’re proud to do  business while taking action on climate change. We purchase carbon offsets from Offsetters. The offsets currently support local carbon  reducing projects like Sunselect Produce in Aldergrove.


Sunselect Produce - Aldergrove

 Carbon offset funds enabled the greenhouse operator to switch from a natural gas boiler to a biomass boiler to meet the heating  needs of an existing commercial greenhouse producing fruits and vegetables. Use of the biomass boiler and heat trapping curtains for  most of the facility’s heat requirements reduces annual operating emissions by 7,500 tCO2e relative to the natural gas baseline.


How it works

A biomass boiler burns solid fuels such as wood waste. The heat produced circulates through the boiler tubes raising the water  temperature and heating the greenhouse. This process releases no more CO2e into the air than would be released when the plant  decomposes naturally. Because the biomass is collected from existing waste streams and displaces new consumption of natural gas,  the displaced gas consumption constitutes an additional emissions reduction.


Carbon Offsets made it happen

 Without offset funds the financial payback for this installation would not have been viable and the greenhouse would have continued  without insulation and with the use a conventional natural gas heating system. Use of these technologies is not common practice and  yields savings in GHG emissions compared to the traditional approach. This project also stands as a model for energy innovation and a  switch to a lower carbon future.


Other benefits of the installation

Beyond the direct climate benefits, this installation helps to overcome the primary threat to a viable local food sector in British  Columbia: the high level of fossil fuel input generally required for growing food in Canada’s cold climate. In addition to the direct  emissions reductions on site, this project makes local food production more feasible, boosts the regional economy and reduces the  need to import food from far away.


 Project Location:Aldergrove, BC Canada
 Project Type:Energy Efficiency
 Standard: ISO + CDM for Additionality
 Credits generated per year:~7,200 tCO2e
 Equivalent # of cars removed  from the road annually:~1377 (Based on EPA GHG Equivalency Calculator)
 Verifier:Williams Engineering Canada Inc.
 Portfolios:General, Aimia
 Project Start: 2004
 Technical Longevity:30+ years